AFS Investment Casting Company has been established in 2011, as a subsidiary company of AFS Bıçak ve Kalıp San Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. which is a leader of its own sector.

AFS Investment Casting Company has enough capacity for manufacturing with European standards for the sectors of Automotive, Machine, Defense, Aviation, Medical, Shutguns, Agriculture and many other industries.

Our company is constantly growing since the day it was founded; and become an important solution center / brand in its own sector with our business segment, customer relations, improving expert staff, care of human, environment and social values and its limitless energy in all of these fields.

AFS Investment Casting Company is not only a supplier but it also give design support to its customers by making overtures about being a product developing partner.

Our company`s manufacturing yard is 2.000 m2 closed area with 60 tons production capacity per month and the part production ranges from 1 gr to 50 kg.

Steel, Stainless Steel, Sphero, Aluminum and Copper Alloys are being used as casting raw materials. These materials are casting after being tested in our metallurgy laboratories which have relevant equipment conforming to European and international standards.

Our chemical analysis spectrometer provides checking the alloys properly by sampling the liquid metal during the casting process. Besides this analysis, physical tests, microscopic examinations and dimensional measurement controls are also performed within our company.

Moreover, tooling design, machining, heat treatment and coating operations are carried out within our company and by our other confirmed suppliers.


Since it was founded, our vision has been to protect and empower our status as being a solution center which we have deserved to be with good reason, and to be a desired company with its service quality, solution partners and production quality during the forthcoming period not only in Turkey but also in the worldwide market.


Our mision as AFS Investment Casting Company;

-To convert our earnings to investment, and also to convert the investments to technology

-To focus on research and developing for products which are in superior technically and have international competition power.

-To develop high technology and quality products which have optimum price/performance ratio

-To provide our customers innovative product and service enabling them success opportunities and long term business profit.

-To provide our customer fast and effective technical support

-To create and maintain a dynamic and flexible organizational structure that is adapted so fast to the changeable world conditions and satisfy them.

-To achieve financial stability and profitable growth

-To have a high opinion of occupational health and safety and to act responsibly taking notice of social sensivity.