The Management of our company believes that all accidents are preventable. This is achievable through our desire for continual improvement and our dedication to Zero Accident Philosophy. We aim to achieve every stage of our operations in a safe and healthy working environment. In line with this objective, as a part of our responsibility to create healthy individuals as well as manpower, we adopt strategies;



  • To prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases by determining the necessary measures to implement and be implemented,
  • To make risk assessments  by the participation the employees and to reach the acceptable risk levels,
  • To use the safe equipment and appropriate technologies for a healthy and safe working environment,
  • To ensure the participation of  our stakeholders each level of the organization in the  improvement of  occupational health and safety practices,
  • To constitute Occupational Health and Safety culture and turn it into a lifestyle,
  • To meet the relevant standards and requirements in the field of legal obligations for Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To increase our performance and  our processes with a proactive approach on the continuous improvement on  Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To continue improving the education and activities of our employees and sub-contractors / suppliers to their employees, visitors, interns for adopting the principles of Occupational Health and Safety,



We assure that we are to maintain all our operations accordingly in order to provide a healthy operating environment.